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1:1 Wayfinding Sessions

Personal Guidance Through Your Inner Terrain

I start all my clients with intention-setting and parts mapping. We'll refine what you want to work on by looking closely at: Where you are now? Where you want to go? How do you want to feel when you get there?

No one wants to arrive at their destination feeling burnt out and jaded, so our ongoing work will focus on how to get you where you want to be feeling calm, clear, confident, and ready to take on the next challenge.

Throughout your journey, you'll have a non-judgmental companion who is 100% on your side with compassion and understanding - you'll get no shame or blame from me.

Our work together will unfold organically based on which Parts are ready. IFS is low-pressure and parts-led, meaning that we move at the speed of trust.

Individual sessions are $150/hr. Minimum 3 sessions.

I see most of my clients twice monthly. If we're working on something juicy, we might switch to weekly sessions for a period of time to maintain momentum.

Get Started with a Free Consult Call

Attunement is essential for any coaching relationship, but it's especially important in the IFS process where energetic resonance is the fuel that propels the work.

This is NOT a sales call. No persuasion. No pitch.

Consider it a 30-minute meet-up where you'll get to talk about what you want to work on, get all your questions answered, and we'll see if my skills and your goals match up.

I'm Ready to Book a Call