Monthly Letter

Dispatches from The Wilds

Around the middle of each month, I send out a Monthly Dispatch. In it, I share essays and tips to support your inner work and practice life. What I share is informed by my twin interests in contemplative practice rooted in Yoga and Buddhism and growth-oriented inquiry based on Internal Family Systems (IFS)

All the experts say I should send messages to you weekly. But I don't for a couple of reasons:

1) I am deeply committed to helping you find a bit of sanity in your inbox. I don't want my letters to be just another thing you have to get to.

2) I'm also committed to sharing valuable, evocative, and truly helpful insights. But I'm a slow writer. I could churn out pithy, canned content. Or I could let my inspiration marinate for a bit and deliver something a little extra special. I choose extra special.

What You'll Get

~ insights & support to inspire your inner practices

~ (sometimes) provocative commentary & analysis on the self-development landscape

~ yoga sequences, audio meditations, & the occasional video to support your practice

~ links to articles, books, and other resources I think you'll find interesting

~ updates on upcoming programs and services

~ special discounts that I only offer to subscribers

From time to time, I'll send out invites to my bigger events or let you know when opportunities to work with me 1:1 come up.

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A Peak at Recent Letters

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