Transformational IFS Coaching

Inner Wayfinding For Curious, Compassionate, & Courageous People

It’s time to bring your gifts and talents to the people, projects, and causes you care about most. You deserve a safe and non-judgmental space to do the inner work that will help you do just that.

Have we met? I'm Jennifer O'Sullivan.

As a Level 3 Certified IFS Practitioner, I use the ground-breaking and evidenced-based Internal Family Systems (IFS) Parts Work model to help visionary seekers, space holders, and changemakers explore their inner terrain with shame-free, embodied support.

Whether you join me for 1:1 IFS coaching sessions ~ what I like to call Wayfinding ~ or a group program, my role is to help you reveal your true vision, access your innate inner resources, and release what's holding you back. Find out more about IFS.

Two Ways To Work With Me
moody mountain watercolor illustration Into the Wilds ~ IFS Group Coaching

Do big things with less friction. Now enrolling for Fall 2024.

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wavy rainbox illustration 1:1 Wayfinding Sessions

Compassionate guidance through your inner terrain with facilitated IFS Parts Work.

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Who I Work With

My clients are purposeful, progressive, sometimes quirky, and always heart-centered people who give a 💩 about the world and how they show up in it. They want to make an impact without sacrificing their soul and burning out. They understand that the more we cultivate harmony within ourselves, the better we are at finding collaborative solutions to meet the challenges of our time.

Space Holders: yoga teachers, therapists, energy workers, coaches, teachers, parents – anyone who shepherds the transformational work of others. I help them show up for their people as their most integrated and grounded selves.

Entrepreneurs, Non-Profit Leaders, Activists, and Social Change-Makers. I see myself as part of their "pit crew," keeping visionaries connected to their mission without losing their minds (and patience) in the process.

Spiritual Seekers who want to take a closer look at conditioned patterns that show up in their spiritual practice. While I have a Buddhist lean, my clients are open-minded and inclusive people of all faiths and traditions

I can help you approach your life and work with more internal alignment, better metabolize set backs so they don't throw you off your game, and help you become your own best ally.

Your people need you. I can help you show up for them.

What To Expect

Jennifer O'Sullivan standing in front of grapffit art with hands on heartAs an IFS Practitioner, my approach to coaching is probably different from what you may have experienced with other coaches or facilitators.

While I'm definitely here to help you navigate changes and transitions, meet specific challenges, and work towards your goals, we won't do that with tools or homework (my parts have always hated homework).

Instead, I'll help you turn inward so you can develop a compassionate and healthy relationship with your inner world so you can show up in the outer world as your most authentic self.

This is because IFS isn't a resourcing model. It's a constraint-releasing model. A what?

Look, I know you already have the experience, skills, and determination to live the brave and purposeful life you aspire to. You don't need more tools. Really.

Instead, we'll focus on releasing what's standing in your way. I'll help you access the inner knowing that's already within you so that your own ideas and strategies can emerge. I'll show you how to work collaboratively with your internal system so that what you decide to do feels aligned, safe, and friction-free.

A note about IFS Coaching vs IFS Therapy

IFS "Practitioners" (like me) and IFS "Therapists" work from the same play book and our facilitation will feel very similar. Where we diverge is our scope of practice and the types of clients we see.

Coaching focuses on growth and transformation. We'll undoubtedly spend time with shadow parts and uncover older material rooted in the past. This goes with the territory. But, most of our work will focus on developing self-trust and working collaboratively with your parts to build on your strengths so you can become more you.

As a coach, my intention is to boost your sense of empowerment, help you uncover what a rich and meaningful life looks like to you, and help you bring out your truest self.

Therapy focuses on healing and recovery. You'll want to seek therapy if you'd use the word "struggling" to describe most areas of your life right now. If you're facing major life setbacks, navigating relationship rifts, grappling with heavy emotions, or trying to cope with the ongoing effects of trauma or addiction, a licensed therapist will be your best support.

In a nutshell, I'm not a licensed mental health professional, and I don't diagnose or treat mental illness. Working with me is not therapy or a substitute for therapy.

Ready for powerful and transformational coaching? Let's chat.