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Taosim, Meridians, and Yin Yoga

Taoist philosophy and the Chinese Meridian System are the keystones of Yin Yoga, which is especially effective for nourishing and invigorating life force energy, called Qi (pronounced chi). Sometimes referred to as “the spark in the machine,” Qi animates the body while also providing the material basis for the body itself.

Qi flows within channels that run throughout the body called meridians, which are believed to reside in the body’s ubiquitous connective tissue. As with acupuncture and acupressure, the meridians (and the Qi that flows through them) can be manipulated by the floor-based Yin Yoga postures. Through this gentle form of “exercise,” we can balance the energy system and improve our sense of vitality and wellness.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use the insights and wisdom of Taoism and the Chinese Meridian System to assess your current physical, energetic, emotional and mental wellbeing and design Yin Yoga practices that address your unique needs. Each participant will receive an illustrated Guide to Chinese Meridians and Yin Yoga that includes sample practices for each of the primary meridian pairs. 

This workshop is open to anyone with some yoga experience. CEUs are available.