Reignite the Spark in Your Teaching & Help Your Students Make Meaningful Change

Yoga has the potential to transform lives. But it's not a given. If we want to help our students build up the inner resources of resilience, courage, and genuine happiness, then we have to share the practices that train up these core qualities. We have to do more than lead sweaty, flow classes.

Through my nearly 20 years of practice and 16 years of teaching, I have discovered that yoga infused with mindfulness and spiritual psychology can help me and my students develop the survival skills we all need to live and thrive in the 21st century.

In my trainings and workshops for teachers, I offer depth practices that will help your students reduce stress and anxiety, cultivate balance, and transform their challenges into lasting happiness.

A Subtle Yet Powerful Approach

At the center of what I offer is Yin Yoga, an uncomplicated and non-authoritarian practice that helps people find a ground of support in the body so they can more easily turn inward. These quiet postures then become a springboard for the the practices that cultivate inner freedom such as breathwork, mindfulness, and inquiry.

My approach is down-to-earth and practical. I only share methods that I believe in and practice. I've trained with the founding teachers of Yin Yoga and I continue to study the Buddhadharma, functional anatomy, Chinese medicine, positive pyschology, and Internal Family Systems.

I offer all of this to you so that we can join our efforts and, together, build a more compassionate and peaceful world.

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