Traditional Thai Yoga

Let go, and experience the joy of being in your own body.

Our lives are stressful, and over time this stress wreaks havoc on the body. From high blood pressure and headaches to digestive problems and depression, our stressful lives are killing us.

Mind-body therapies, like yoga and bodywork, help put the breaks on the sympathetic nervous system, the body’s “fight or flight” response to stress. Not only do these techniques stop the fight, they have been proven to reverse the wear and tear on the body. In other words, relaxation is healing.

I offer Traditional Thai Yoga to help you release tension, realign the body, and improve your overall health. Like yoga, bodywork sessions have a cumulative effect, so the more you do the better you feel. Over time, you may experience the following health benefits:

• lower heart and breathing rate
• lower blood pressure
• fewer headaches
• pain relief
• reduced muscle tension
• reduced anger and frustration
• improved immune system
• increased energy
• increased muscle flexibility
• improved joint mobility
• improved concentration
• improved sense of overall well-being

Rooted in Tradition
Thai Medicine, of which Thai Yoga Therapy is part, can be traced back to the Buddha’s personal physician, Shivago Komarpaj, over 2500 years ago. Traditionally practiced in a temple, offering Thai Yoga sessions is considered to be a practical expression of metta, the Buddhist practice of loving-kindness. Based primarily on indigenous Thai practices and Theravada Buddhism, Thai Medicine also draws influence from Indian Ayurveda, Hatha Yoga and Chinese Meridian Theory.

The healing techniques of Thai Yoga Therapy combine acupressure, energy work, and a series of assisted yoga postures to unblock the major “sen” or energy channels in the body. Thai Yoga Therapy releases tensions and blocked energy, relaxes sore muscles, increases muscle flexibility, increases joint mobility and can be therapeutic for a number of physical and emotional conditions. Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing to facilitate the flow of movement.

Thai Herbal Therapy
Rooted in Thai culture, the use of herbs to treat ailments dates back thousands of years. Yet the practice of herbal healing remains very much alive today. The application of herbal compresses during a Thai Yoga session can be a truly transformative and profound experience for many people.

Aromatic herbs (including camphor, lemon grass, eucalyptus, ginger, tumeric, and kaffir lime) are steamed in muslin bundles, releasing the healing and uplifting qualities of the plants. When the bundles are applied to the body during a Thai Yoga session, tension and muscle pain literally melt away. Some find that the herbs reduce inflammation, ease respiratory ailments and restore physical, mental and emotional balance.

Add Thai Herbal compresses to your 90 or 120 minute session for $35. In addition to stretchy clothes, be sure to wear dark colors as the tumeric in the bundles can stain.