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Yoga & IFS Inquiry | 8-week Series

Using gentle movement and the quiet, still poses of Yin Yoga, we'll gather and establish presence in the body in order to deepen our connection to essence. We'll create internal space for embodied inquiry and deep listening as we engage with our internal Parts to reveal and unravel conditioned patterns in our lives.

You'll gain experiential insights into what your Parts think and feel as the body-based practices gently uncover situations that mirror daily life.

The practices in this series will include movement, stillness, and prompts for internal dialogue and contemplation. You may want to bring a journal and something to write with in order to capture insights that may show up.

About the methods
The quiet practice of Yin Yoga offers a much-needed balance for our active and stressful “yang” lifestyle. The meditative atmosphere that comes with holding floor postures for several minutes presents a unique environment for introspection and inquiry.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a therapeutic process founded on the principle that our personality is comprised of myriad sub-personalities, or Parts, that help us to manage and engage in our lives. Some parts do this in an outwardly positive way while other parts are motivated by fear and protection. IFS Parts Work is a process of engaging with these different parts to uncover their motivations and fears while helping them to take on less restrictive beliefs and behaviors. In this way, we can learn to creatively engage in our lives with courage and compassion.