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Taking in the Good: Positive Neuropsychology in Yin Yoga

As a hold over from a more ancient time when our ancestors lived precarious lives, our brains are wired to imprint negative experiences so we learn to avoid danger in the future. Meanwhile, we overlook the joys and pleasures in our lives - our positive experiences are literally less likely to be transferred from short to long-term memory. 

The good news is that because of our brains' ability to change (plasticity), we are able to train up the ability to better internalize beneficial experiences and tilt our mind toward happiness. In his book “Hardwiring Happiness,” Dr. Rick Hanson outlines a simple, yet potent, method for overcoming negativity bias called Taking in the Good. By first noticing and then really soaking up positive experiences we can become less anxious, less resistant to things that are unpleasant, less frustrated, and less vulnerable to grievances, fear, and anger. Instead, we can build up the inner resources that enable us to feel more contented, connected, and centered in our selves. 

In this workshop, we'll bring together yin yoga with Hanson’s techniques. You can expect an interactive mix of lecture on the method, some partner and large group dialogue, and a gentle yin practice as a context for having positive experiences even when things are challenging.