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Seeing Clearly with Mindfulness & Parts Work

Combining Buddhist mindfulness and IFS (Internal Family Systems) Parts Work, create the pivotal space between stimulus and response so that your choices and actions align with your true intentions and values.

We'll use the Buddhist teachings on Contact, Feeling, Craving, and Grasping as a backdrop to examine closely how sensory experiences, emotions, desires, and attachments drive behavior. Then you'll experience how mindfulness meditation helps slow down reactivity so aligned action can break through.

Using the principles of Parts Work and compassionate inquiry, we'll nurture a respectful relationship with the parts that carry our thoughts, emotions, and desires and help them release old attachments that no longer serve.

Curious inner explorers seeking inner freedom and personal growth are welcome. Some meditation experience suggested but not required. No prior experience with IFS necessary.

Expect: meditation, journaling, and reflective sharing.

Your instructor: Jennifer O'Sullivan is a seasoned mindfulness instructor with 20 years experience leading individuals and groups through personal inquiry work. She is also a Level 3 Certified IFS Practitioner. She guides with warmth, insight, humor, and compassion. Read more about Jen.

Disclaimer: This experience is for fostering self-awareness and personal growth. It's not therapy nor a substitute for therapy. If you have questions, please contact Jen.