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Rest in the Jewel of the Lotus
A Fusion of Restorative Yoga for Reducing Stress

Slow down, tune in, and drop into your own pure heart in this refreshing and restorative yoga experience. Beginning with the soothing, therapeutic movements of Self-Awakening Yoga, come home to your body to let go of physical tension. Then drop deeper into your inner environment with long-held Yin Yoga postures to unleash blocked energy and cultivate self-compassion. We’ll conclude with Yoga Nidra meditation for the profound release that unfolds when we rest in the jewel of the lotus.

Self-Awakening Yoga was developed by Don Stapleton of the Kripalu Center and Nosara Yoga Institute, and is based on his personal exploration of yoga after a spinal injury. The gentle movements are designed to recover freedom of movement, release emotional blockages, and unleash one’s creative potential.

The Quiet Practice of Yin Yoga offers a much needed balance for our active and stressful “yang” lifestyle. The meditative atmosphere that comes with holding floor postures for several minutes presents a unique environment for introspection, unlocking a door to patience, compassion, and “inter-being” in our yoga practice and daily life.

The restorative power of Yoga Nidra, “the sleep of the yogis,” is said to offer in 30 minutes the equivalent of a good night’s sleep. This guided meditation is designed to help the brain turn off the “fight or flight” stress response, so that the body can repair and heal itself. Yoga Nidra is becoming more widely practiced in therapy settings to settle a disquieted nervous system.