Into The Wilds

Do big things with less friction.
Inner wayfinding for curious, compassionate, and courageous people

You have a vision. You have something to say. You're ready to make your next move.

But something is keeping you from stepping into The Wilds...

Maybe this sounds familiar?

You have an independent - maybe even radical - streak that the people around you don’t get. Instead of always feeling like a fish out of water, you want to be valued for who you are and appreciated for the gifts and ideas you bring to the world.

You can follow your own path without feeling constrained by social pressures and other people’s expectations.

You find yourself in a liminal space, that uncomfortable passage between where you’ve been and where you’re heading. By definition, liminality is unsettling.

You can feel calm and sure-footed while you get clear on where you're going next.

You care about your reach and your impact. You want to make the world a better place and uplift others. And you wonder if you can live up to your own expectations.

You can confidently move forward without so much "should" energy.

Let’s face it, living a purposeful life includes set backs. Feeling discouraged and knocked around comes with the territory of living out loud.

You can learn to metabolize whatever life throws at you so you feel at ease even when things aren't easy.

The Wilds is where our bold aspirations and vulnerabilities collide. Shrouded in mystery, The Wilds can stir up edginess and doubt. And yet... we've got to go there if we want to do big things.

Into The Wilds will help you discover what's in your Wilds and start charting a path through it.

This small group coaching program is based on the Internal Family Systems (IFS) Parts Work model and my nearly 20 years facilitating transformational work in groups.

During our time together, you’ll learn and practice:

  • Making sense of how you feel
  • Getting clarity around what you believe (vs what’s been conditioned)
  • Uncovering why certain settings or actions feel risky and how you can work through them
  • Meeting and allowing all your feelings (including maligned ones) to flow with you

The ground-breaking and evidenced-based IFS approach is unique in its radical acceptance of our whole self. Instead of leaving parts of ourself behind, we can learn to access our multiplicity as a powerful inner resource for meeting and overcoming challenges and leading the purposeful lives we aspire to.

IFS (Internal Family Systems) is an evidenced-based model used around the world in clinical and coaching settings. It was featured as an especially effective tool for treating PTSD in the groundbreaking book “The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel van der Kolk. The IFS model was also the inspiration for the Pixar movie “Inside Out.”

IFS is based on the idea that our mind is made up of parts that develop as we grow. They help us live in and relate to the world around us. Parts take on unique and necessary roles, but not all parts do their job skillfully especially when triggered.

Through IFS parts work, we can learn to tend and befriend all of our parts, and access inner strength and wisdom from a calming and compassionate core Self.

Let's go there, together.

In Into The Wilds, you will learn how to hold compassionate space for yourself and get on your own side.

"Jen provided a warm and inclusive space to get to know my parts. And she shared her knowledge of the IFS model in an informative and sensitive way. I recommend this program to anyone who is on the journey of inner work."" ~ Lisa R

Into The Wilds unfolds over 8 weeks with short, pre-recorded videos and live, experiential sessions. We’ll specifically work on the following:

Mapping Your Inner Terrain
Learn about the IFS model and practice entering and exploring your inner terrain. You’ll get to know some of the key players that influence how you perceive and respond to people and circumstances.

Building a Trusting Relationship with Your Parts
At the heart of this self-inquiry process is building trust between your Core Self and your parts. When self-trust is in your system, your parts stop being tormenters and become astute inner allies you can depend on.

Navigating Inner Conflict with Less Friction and Tension
Whenever we feel indecisive, it’s usually because two or more parts see things differently and are motivated by different priorities. We’ll turn the old pros and cons list on its head and explore a new way to make decisions and flow through change.

Communicating Compassionately with Yourself and Others
Once you’re more familiar with your inner landscape and the major players in your system, you’ll start to dis-identify so strongly with their limiting thoughts and beliefs. We’ll work on refining the distinction between you and your parts and practice ways of relating to yourself and others more consciously and compassionately.

Optional Live Coaching
During each live session, you’ll have the opportunity to share what’s arising in you and receive facilitated IFS support from me. There will be opportunities to observe a facilitated 1:1 IFS session with volunteers from the group.

You’ll also receive…

Guided Meditations so you can continue your inner work on your own.

Cheatsheets & Handouts for most activities in the program.

Private Online Community (not Facebook) where I’ll share extras and be on hand to support you between sessions.

Hi! I'm Jennifer O'Sullivan

I guide seekers, space holders, healers, and social changemakers through their inner terrain with shame-free embodied practices rooted in timeless wisdom and science.

I see myself a wayfinder.

I might also describe myself as a yoga teacher, educator, meditation teacher, mentor, guide, IFS practitioner, or coach.

The work I do is more like inner facilitation. Whether we start with the body, breath, or Parts Work, your courage and your curiosity propel the work.

My role is to help you explore your inner world to clarify your vision, taproot your innate healing powers, and set down any burdens that keep you from living and working in alignment with your values.

The program really gave me a chance to safely explore my internal world in a way I've never done before.” ~ Krista O.

Why Group Work?
Community: It's easier to be brave when we're not alone. In Into the Wilds, you’ll be with a small group of people who value this kind of work.

While the details of our stories may differ, most of us are tackling the same kinds of things. Working together is validating and grounding.

Mutual Support: We learn a lot about ourselves when supporting another person’s exploration. Not only do we gain valuable insight as we reflect on our own lives, but we also cultivate better spaceholding skills while softening the impulse to fix. We’re going to practice this.

Commitment to Participation
Live participation is a must. Because enrollment is limited to 8 people, and to promote group cohesion, please only join us if you can make all sessions. I start new groups frequently when there is interest, so get in touch if you'd like to join at a different time.

For privacy reasons, sessions are not recorded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Into the Wilds is for those who enjoy inner exploration and self-growth work. My clients are visionary and purpose-driven yoga or meditation teachers, coaches, parents, teachers, and others whose life and work includes supporting others and their communities.

Although IFS is most recognized for its therapeutic and clinical applications, I work as a coach. I'm not licensed to provide psychotherapy services, which includes treating mental health conditions.

This program is not therapy nor is it a substitute for therapy. If you are struggling or in crisis, Into the Wilds is not a good fit.

The next reound of Into the Wilds will meet on Fridays
March 3, 17, 31
April 14, 28
May 12, 26
June 9

For privacy reasons, sessions are not recorded. If you will miss sessions, please get in touch to get on the waitlist for a future cohort. I offer this program 2-3 times a year.

You don't! At the beginning of some weeks, you'll receive a link to a short (15mins or less) video lesson that explains key IFS concepts and vocabulary. In our live sessions, you'll have the chance to get all your questions answered.

Click here to read more about IFS. I also recommend the book "Jailbreak: The Making and Breaking of Our Invisible Prisons--An IFS Informed Escape" by Angela Huebner.

In addition to our 90-minute sessions, you'll receive 15-minute videos at the beginning of some (not all) of our weeks together. To get the most out of our time together, you'll want to watch those before we meet.

While I highly encourage you to listen to the guided meditations in between sessions, you don't have to. Into the Wilds is meant to be relaxed and supportive, not another thing you have to do.

No. Into The Wilds is not affiliated with the IFS Institute and does not qualify as an IFS training. Skills and practices you will learn in this program will help you explore your inner world as a self-inquiry practice. We will not cover using IFS with others.

Do big things with less friction.