Yoga Teacher Mentoring

Your work is more effective when you have support.

Developing excellence in anything we do requires continuing inquiry and study. While you can build up practical skills in formalized training courses, rarely do these programs offer ongoing, personalized support and guidance to help you stretch into your unique growing edges.

You don't have to go it alone.

Yoga Teacher Mentoring is for any teacher at any stage, whether you are just starting out or you find yourself at a crossroads after a few years of teaching. Having had a mentor myself, I know first-hand the value of having an experienced guide encouraging me along my personal and professional journey.

A mentor can help you identify your strengths and talents, guide your personal practice in ways that both challenge and nurture, help you hone your skills in your growth areas, and so much more.

Rooted in IFS (Internal Family Systems)

As an IFS Practitioner, I bring a unique and ground-breaking approach to my mentoring sessions with yoga teachers. IFS is an inquiry-based therapy model that can uncover the deeply held beliefs that hold you back from sharing your authentic self in your work. IFS sessions often reveal why certain aspects of teaching come easy and why other things feel terrifying.

Often simple awareness alone provides an immense amount of clarity and relief, but the IFS model also includes methods that help you set down long-held burdens that prevent you from stepping into your life and work fully and wholeheartedly.

Some areas that I frequently work on with teachers include:

  • growth and development in your own practice
  • pinpointing your unique talents, passions, and authentic voice
  • identifying growing edges and what to study next
  • help with particular teaching challenges
  • managing overwhelm and feeling disconnected from your teaching
  • identifying your own success metrics and how to reach them
  • taprooting your intuition about when and how to pivot your practice and teaching
  • boundary-setting on your own terms
  • growing your understanding of depth practices and how to weave them into your classes

Unlike packaged coaching programs that promise big results in a just a few weeks, I can't tell you how many sessions you'll need. Everyone's process is unique and much depends on your own internal system. So that I can accommodate this kind of depth work, I only take on a few 1:1 clients at a time. If you'd like to try IFS-based mentoring, please get in touch and we'll schedule a time to talk about your interests and how I can help.

Ask Me Anything Calls

Have just a quick question or two? An Ask Me Anything Call is an opportunity to shine a laser on one or two topics — perfect if you just need a little help getting over a specific hurdle.

When you book your 60-minute session, I'll ask you a few short questions so I can prepare in advance for our time together. During our virtual Zoom call, you'll get my undivided attention and personalized support. Recordings of our session are available.

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