Inner Wayfinding with IFS

Ready to make an impact?

It’s time to bring your gifts and talents to the people, projects, and causes you care about most. You deserve a safe and non-judgmental space to do the inner work that will help you do just that.

Have we met? I'm Jennifer O'Sullivan.

I guide seekers, space holders, healers, and social change-makers through their inner terrain with shame-free embodied practices rooted in timeless wisdom and science.

I see myself as a wayfinder.

Using the Internal Family Systes (IFS) Parts Work model, I help curious, courageous, and compassionate people do the inner work that can up-level their lives.

Whether you join me for 1:1 sessions or a group program, my role is to help you explore your inner world to reveal your vision, taproot your innate healing powers, and set down burdens that keep you from living and working in alignment with your values.

Want to know more? Check out my bio and credentials or find out more about IFS.

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1:1 Wayfinding Sessions

Get personal guidance through your inner terrain with facilitated IFS Parts Work.

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Into the Wilds

Group coaching for curious, compassionate, and courageous people.

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