1:1 Wayfinding Sessions

Awaken Your Self

The more you get to know your internal system, the easier it will be to find solutions to challenges that will feel aligned with your personality, beliefs, and life goals. 

Our work together will unfold organically based on which parts of your personality are ready. IFS is low-pressure and parts-led, meaning that we move at the speed of trust.

The kinds of topics we might cover include:

  • finding more ease and joy in your life
  • identifying and aligning with your true values
  • clarifying your life purpose
  • taprooting creativity
  • cultivating healthy relationships
  • building confidence while healing inner critics
  • identifying and softening people-pleasing tendencies
  • identifying and setting personal and professional boundaries
  • uncovering and healing the roots of performance anxiety
  • establishing non-gimmicky, low-pressure self-care tailored to your system

Individual sessions are $150/hr. Minimum 3 sessions to start and then continue at a frequency that suits your system.

I invite you to sign up for a free 30-minute consult so we can chat about where the work may take you. You can also send me an email.