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Self-Led Decision-Making with Internal Family Systems (IFS)

Whenever we feel indecisive, it's usually because different parts of ourselves see things differently and are motivated by different priorities and concerns. In fact, usually, it's the friction between these two "camps" that makes us feel stuck.

We can mediate inner conflict and resolve impasses by inviting our core essence - The Self - to take the lead in decision-making. In this workshop, you'll learn about the Internal Family Systems (IFS) concept of parts and how to get to know their concerns so your Self can find a pathway through inner conflict.

IFS Skills you'll develop in this workshop include:

  • mindfulness meditation to create inner spaciousness for parts to feel safe to come forward
  • visioning
  • parts mapping to surface parts invested in a situation
  • getting to know your parts and developing self-trust so that novel solutions can come through

You can expect guided meditation, journaling, paper-based activities, and (optional) small and large group reflections.

About IFS
Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a therapeutic process founded on the principle that our personality is comprised of myriad sub-personalities, or Parts, that help us to manage and engage in our lives. Some parts do this in an outwardly positive way while other parts are motivated by fear and protection. IFS Parts Work is a process of engaging with these different parts to uncover their motivations and fears while helping them to take on less restrictive beliefs and behaviors. In this way, we can learn to creatively live our lives with courage and compassion. Click here to learn more about IFS.