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Holding Space for Big Feelings During Tumultuous Times

Internal Family Systems (IFS) & Yoga Workshop

The key to emotional wellness is not about feeling happy all the time. Instead, it's about knowing how to care for ourselves when big emotions arise. And these days, there's no shortage of things that can trigger some of our deepest fears and concerns.

In this workshop, we'll explore how to

  • calm the nervous system using yoga and mindfulness practices
  • tend to your vulnerable parts with loving-kindness
  • metabolize big feelings with the Internal Family Systems approach to compassionate witnessing

Find ease even when things aren't easy.

About The Methods

While we tend to associate yoga with physical health, the broader yoga system was designed to ease disharmony in the mind and reduce stress. Modern research has verified that the full array of yoga practices reduces emotional stress and contributes to physical health and well-being. We'll explore gentle movement, breathwork, and mindfulness meditation to ease physical and emotional tension.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a therapeutic process founded on the principle that our personality is comprised of myriad sub-personalities, or Parts, that help us to manage and engage in our lives. Some parts do this in an outwardly positive way while other parts are motivated by fear and protection. IFS Parts Work is a process of engaging with these different parts to uncover their motivations and fears while helping them to take on less restrictive beliefs and behaviors. In this way, we can learn to creatively live our lives with courage and compassion. Click here to learn more about IFS.