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IFS Parts Mapping Sessions

Get the Perspective You Need to Focus your Time & Energy Strategically

You don’t have to figure everything out on your own.

When we’re in the thick of a big change or facing a daunting challenge, often we can’t see the forest through the trees.

Parts Maps will help you identify and better understand the Parts of you that are entangled in your challenge so you can develop more effective strategies and move forward with clarity.

Facilitated Parts Mapping Sessions are ideal for complex decisions with an emotional flavor such as career changes, starting a non-profit, navigating interpersonal friction, elder care choices, or finding ways to prioritize more of what you enjoy in life. What's great about Parts Mapping is that you don't even need a lot information; I can help you sort through whatever just feels off.

Parts Maps Reveal What's Hidden

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is based on the idea that your personality is comprised of sub-personalities - Parts - that each have their own point of view, beliefs, motivations, and concerns.

Ideally, Parts work cooperatively to help you realize your vision and reach your goals. When they encounter challenges, Parts are your inner allies, helping you identify options that feel safe and aligned with your values.

Sometimes, opportunities and dilemmas touch on our deepest vulnerabilities and fears. Or, we encounter something complex that overwhelms our system.

Parts Maps helps us identify specifically which Parts are invested in a situation. We also gain clarity on the relationships between Parts, which helps us root out the true source of inner conflict.

Parts Maps make your inner world more visible and less mysterious, clearing the way for more options and possibilities.

Parts Maps are so much more than problem-solving tools. You’ll also experience:

Increased Self-Awareness
When we understand ourselves better, we have more agency and influence over our actions. IOW, more say in our lives.

Greater Problem-Solving Powers
Mapping is like turning on a light in your inner world. Less feeling around in the dark for answers.

Elevated Empathy & Self-Compassion
When you see how hard your Parts are working on your behalf, it’s a lot easier to get on your own side.

The Parts Mapping Process

IFS sessions are embodied and gently-paced. Using visualizations, inquiry questions, and drawing, I’ll help you turn inward and meet the Parts of you that are invested in your challenge.

Bring paper and whatever you like to draw with to our sessions.

You’ll create your own map. An important part of this process is depicting and arranging your Parts in a way that’s meaningful to you.

Step 1: Your Starting Point
Because big challenges have a lot of moving parts, your first session will be all about getting everything about your current situation out in the open. I want to know everything that's going on, how it's making you feel, and what solutions you've already considered and rejected.

I'll be listening for Parts and keeping an eye out for what (internally and externally) might be creating friction and roadblocks. I'll help you'll start plotting these Parts on your map right from the get go.

Step 2: The Other Side
Then, we'll look at where you want to go. Even if you don't know what you want to do yet, I'll guide you through a visualization process that will reveal what's really important to your Parts, especially the non-negotiables.

Undoubtedly, we'll meet a few of what I call "yeah but Parts," the ones that raise objections to anything that feels risky. They'll go on the map too because, at some point, you'll want to address their concerns.

Step 3: What’s In The Way
Finally, we're going to build upon what you've already revealed and explore more thoroughly what's keeping you stuck. We'll not only look for additional Parts to put on your map, but we'll also examine what, in your external world, may be adding to your conflict.

Once you've got your map in front of you, you’ll have a much clearer idea of how to leverage your inner allies, get strategic support, and start taking action. And I'll share some Parts Work resources with you so you can stay in touch with the Parts you uncover.

If you decide you want additional IFS support, don't worry I've got you. You can either book more sessions with me or I can refer you to another IFS practioner or therapist with the expertise you're looking for.

Meet Your Co-Cartographer

Jennifer O'Sullivan sitting on a stool black backgroundI'm Jennifer O'Sullivan. I guide seekers, space holders, healers, and social changemakers through their inner terrain with shame-free embodied practices rooted in timeless wisdom and science.

I see myself a wayfinder.

I might also describe myself as a yoga teacher, educator, meditation teacher, mentor, guide, IFS practitioner, or coach.

The work I do is more like inner facilitation. Whether we start with the body, breath, or Parts Work, your courage and your curiosity propel the work.

My role is to help you explore your inner world to clarify your vision, taproot your innate healing powers, and set down any burdens that keep you from living and working in alignment with your values.

Parts Mapping Sessions are for Independent Inner Explorers who…

  • already do IFS Parts Work (or other inner practices), but need targeted support around a specific challenge
  • want help getting started with Parts Work, and plan to journey on their own

They're also for people who…

  • want to give IFS a try
  • aren't sure if they want to work on their own or with a facilitator
  • want to find out what it’s like to work with me

What's Included
3 targeted IFS sessions in a concentrated span of time (ideally 2 weeks) with a Certified IFS Practitioner (C'est moi!) whose twin super powers are parts tracking and finding connections where other people see mess (Thank you, ADHD).


Ready to stop looking for answers in the dark?

I'm Ready to Book a Call

Frequently Asked Questions

I see those "Let's Get Going" Parts. I've got them too. Coaching is very personal and flows better when there’s mutual attunement. This free call helps us both ascertain fit.

The short answer is: 3 months. However, if you are working on something really specific, I recommend booking all your sessions within 2 weeks; you can even schedule them back-to-back. If you’re looking to create a more generalized map of your system, then there’s less urgency.

Once you purchase the package, you'll be directed to my scheduler where you can self-book your sessions.

I see clients Tues-Thurs, 9am-6pm EST (NYC/DC). However, I only schedule consults until noon. If this doesn’t work for you (work schedule, time zone, etc.), get in touch and we’ll find a time.

You’ll create your own map as we go. An important aspect of the process is depicting and arranging your Parts in a way that makes sense to you. Bring paper and whatever you like to draw with to our sessions.

Depending on what we uncover, I might be a good fit to continue to work with you. I can also refer you to someone else.

We can map just about any situation or challenge. Some common things my clients explore are: starting a new business or changing careers, interpersonal challenges, exploring life after kids, thinking about going back to school, responding to spiritual growth, prioritizing self-care, and feeling like they want some kind of change but aren’t sure what that is. The best way to know if I can help you is to book a consult call and we'll chat about it together.

If you change your mind after your initial booking, you can cancel up to 24hrs in advance of the first call (minus fees).

Please Note: canceling your appointments does not cancel/refund your package. Due to a limitation of my scheduling software, you'll need to get in touch with me to refund a package.

Once we get started, refunds will be prorated, meaning that for every hour that we actually work together, I deduct $150 +fees from your refund. There are no refunds after the third session. No shows, or cancelations made within 24hrs, are not refunded.