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Exploring the Third Foundation of Mindfulness in Yin Yoga

The Buddha’s discourse on the Four Foundations of Mindfulness outlines practical methods for practicing mindfulness meditation and for progressing on the path to awakening.  In this workshop we’ll interweave these timeless teachings with body-based yoga methods. 

Mindfulness practice develops a quality of awareness that enables us to maintain a continuity of presence throughout a movement practice.  Yoga postures offer clear anchor points for the present moment, making meditative awareness more accessible.  These practices sustain each other, and together they support the cultivation of wisdom and the capacity to skillfully meet life as it unfolds.

The Third Foundation of Mindfulness addresses mental activity such as emotions, imaginings, plans, memories — what we call citta vritti (mind chatter) in Patanjali’s yoga. Indeed, the exposition of yoga in the Yoga Sutras is to calm this chatter so that we may touch reality. Much chatter arises in yoga practice, making it fertile ground for inquiry into our mind state.