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Unwind, Steady, Awaken
Yin/Insight Yoga 3-Part Series

Attention: the March workshop has been canceled due to public health measures to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Sun & Moon and I still hope to offer the May event. Stay tuned.

Join me in this 3-part series on cultivating connection. Part 1 is all about connecting to the body and unraveling the tension that keeps us constricted and closed off. In part 2, we practice techniques that develop mindful concentration and agency in choosing where to rest the mind. In Part 3, we'll expand the view to learn how to authentically connect to the world at large with compassionate presence.


Feb 1 - Unwind: A skillful blend of Self-Awakening Yoga Therapeutics & Yin Yoga
1:30-3:30pm - $30

Slow down, tune in, and deeply unwind.  Beginning with the soothing, therapeutic movements of Self-Awakening Yoga, come home to your body to release deeply-held tension.  Then drop into your inner landscape with long-held Yin Yoga postures to unleash blocked energy and cultivate self-compassion.  

Self-Awakening Yoga was developed by Don Stapleton of the Kripalu Center and Nosara Yoga Institute, and is based on his personal exploration of yoga after a spinal injury.  The gentle kriyas are designed to recover freedom of movement, mobilize stagnant energy, and unleash the body’s natural intelligence for transformation and healing.

The quiet practice of Yin Yoga offers a much needed balance for our active and stressful “yang” lifestyle. The meditative atmosphere that comes with holding floor postures for several minutes presents a unique environment for introspection, unlocking a door to patience, compassion, and “inter-being” in our yoga practice and daily life.

Mar 29 - Steady: Yin/Insight Yoga for Cultivating Tranquility of Mind
1:30-4:00pm - $35

One of the most accessible teachings of the Buddha is Mindfulness of Breathing, a practice designed to cultivate relaxation, inner stability, and clarity.

In this workshop, we’ll combine intentional, slowly flowing vinyasa, passive yin yoga postures, pranayama, and mindfulness of breathing to promote mind-body balance and to nurture the conditions for inner connectivity. 

May 9 - Awaken: Yin/Insight Yoga for Cultivating Compassionate and Spacious Presence
1:30-4:00pm - $35

True presence is a quality of attention unclouded by our internal commentary. When inner dialog diminishes and we soften our tendency to try to manipulate every experience, we find that there is a lot that we can lean into. We awaken to a vast terrain of joy that often goes overlooked. 

In this workshop, we’ll combine intentional, slowly flowing vinyasa, passive yin yoga postures, pranayama, mindfulness meditation, and compassion methods to cultivate the capacity to embrace all life experiences with open-hearted awareness.

About Insight Yoga
Developed by master teacher Sarah Powers, Insight yoga is a heart-centered approach that interweaves the insights and practices of Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism, and Transpersonal Psychology. Jennifer is a dedicated student of Sarah’s, and is an endorsed Insight Yoga teacher.