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Self-Awakening Yoga Virtual Pop-Up

The human body was not only designed to move, but to move all the time. Yet, long periods of inactivity (whether from lifestyle or injury) can cause us to literally forget how to orchestrate both fine and gross motor movements (referred to as sensory motor amnesia).

We forget how to relax tense muscles. Minor compensations we make for an injury can persist long after the injury is heeled. When we don’t move the body to its fullest range of motion, muscles grow shorter, become weaker, inefficient and uncoordinated, and we may sometimes feel pain that we can’t pinpoint. From the mind-body perspective, sensory motor amnesia can permeate to all the layers of our being, making us feel emotionally unavailable and disconnected.

We can reclaim forgotten movement and heal the whole self. Combining breath, subtle movements and deep relaxation, Self Awakening Yoga is designed to recondition the body for greater range of motion, release emotional tension, and unleash our creative potential.

In this workshop, we’ll focus on a common area of tension -- the upper back -- with gentle, floor-based yoga sequences, breath work, and guided relaxation to address the multi-dimensional nature of well-being. Appropriate for any level of yogi and a wide-range of bodies including pregnant women who are still comfortable on their back and belly.